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Why I Started Biohacking and What I’ve Learned (So Far)

Why I Started Biohacking and What I Learned (So Far) | Advance LeadershipHow is your energy level during the day? Do you notice when it’s high versus when you need a bit of a boost? Energy is vital to your ability to be effective at home and at work. A low energy day can make it tough to get anything done, while having high energy can make it seem like the entire day was at your mercy. Most people fail to manage their energy because they simply don’t understand or pay attention to it. Is your energy a random act, or can you do certain things to impact it? The term “Energy management” is often seen as how often you reach for a cup of coffee.

This definitely used to be the case for me. I would sometimes notice when my energy level was high or low, but I felt like a passenger on the energy train. I felt as though I had no control over it. Over the years, I would go through periods of stress at work that kept me away from the gym. Work was taking so much of my energy that I wasn’t up for a 5k run (my preferred exercise routine), even when I did find the time to go. My coffee consumption went up. My diet turned toward fast food. My energy went down. I reached for another cup of coffee to manage it. It wasn’t a good cycle to be in. I have to be on my game every day because I’m in a position where there are lots of other people relying on my decision making – both at home and at work.

When I caught myself in those cycles, I started going out of my way to go for a run. If I was able to string together two or three days of exercise in a row, I noticed that my energy level shot way up and my eating would be better. I got to a point at the end of last year that I sat down and really put a lot of thought into the question – How do I become more intentional about how I manage my energy?

Hacking the Body

In January, I had set out to start eating healthier and working out more. That led me to start diving into research on personal energy management. What I stumbled into has completely changed my life (and energy levels!). What I found was that biohacking was the key to making the right changes.

Just as hackers figure out how computers work in order to get them to do something that the hacker wants, “biohacking” is doing that same thing but with your body. It’s about understanding what works for you and then doing more of it, while taking out the things that don’t work. This crosses the spectrum from exercise to eating, sleeping, learning, and more.

The main premise behind biohacking is that you can control how your mind, body, and spirit feel & act if you know what the various triggers are. Everyone has their own triggers like how much sleep is needed and what food allergies they have (and probably aren’t aware of).

If you feel like you could be doing more, learning more, and just plain ol’ kicking life’s butt… then this is for you. These next two weeks, I’m going to show let you in on what I’ve learned so that you can adapt it for yourself.  My exact formula isn’t yours, but you can certainly use it as a starting point if you’d like and tweak from there.

I’ll cover my recent experience with: Exercise, Eating, Sleep, Travel, Standing at Work, and Mindfulness. In the meantime, here are some things to think ask yourself:

  • Am I happy with my energy level throughout the day?
  • How many days a week do I grab a little extra coffee to get me through a lull?
  • Do I often wake up to the alarm, or am I up before the alarm goes off?
  • Do I find it hard to concentrate during the day?
  • Do I feel like I could be getting more from my mind or my body?

These are some of the things that biohacking seeks to enhance. I’ll start to dive into my formula next week so you can see what it’s like from a beginner’s perspective 3 months into the journey. If you think you can handle a couple of tweaks to your routine, then you could just see the massive benefits that I have already. Are you ready to get more from life?

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